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Cederquist and Etain launch Real Estate Transaction tool

Cederquist and Etain have partnered in the development of a new digital tool to facilitate document management at the signing and closing of Real Estate transactions. The tool collects all documents in one platform resulting in a better overview, a more qualified handling of documents and less emails circulating between the parties involved.  The aim is to create a smoother process where the client easily can get an overview of the project and see which documents that are unresolved or in an agreed form.

Prior to signings and closings many emails circulate between the parties as well as between the client and their advisors. This tool gives the client and us as advisors a better overview and a gathered source of information, resulting in fewer emails and easier project management, says Oskar Ceréus, associate at Cederquist.

Etain provides tools to streamline and automate legal processes to facilitate more effective collaboration within internal teams and the client. Etain has helped develop the relevant technical platform that enables collecting and managing documents in one place.

We are proud of having developed what we believe is a market-leading toolkit specifically designed for Real Estate transactions, together with Cederquist. It was a great experience working closely with their team of lawyers and specialists, who really has bought into the concept of using modern, digital tools to deliver better client experience and more efficient project management, says Thomas Hansteen, Co-founder and Legal Process Designer at Etain.

Cederquist is one of Sweden's leading law firms with extensive experience of working with digital solutions and new work processes to help its clients. The collaboration together with Etain is a natural next step in that work.  

Our goal is to constantly provide maximum value for our clients and through our digital services we facilitate large legal projects and day to day matters, says Johannes Färje, Head of Digital Services and Innovation at Cederquist.

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